Rider Education

Basic Skills Development Program

Fastrack Riders has put together a program that consists of drills that emphasize the right skills for helping the everyday street rider’s confidence in maneuvering their motorcycle safely and effectively. It’s NOT about racing and/or going fast, it’s about the fundamentals to help make the transition step from street riding to track riding in a less intimidating environment.

You do NOT need to purchase a track day to participate in this program, as it is NOT conducted on the racetrack.

It consists of a set of slow-speed drills in the Auto Club Speedway parking lot, led by a USMCA certified coach. Students are to wear full street or track safety gear (helmet, jacket, boots, and gloves are required).

This training program is aimed at preparing riders for the next step training program, the Riders Development School, but also as a stand-alone rider development program for pure street riders. The program is aimed at enhancing riders’ basic skills for street riding, while providing a closed-course area to safely and confidently transition from street riding to entry-level track riding.

The Basic Skills Development program is held in conjunction with the existing Fastrack Riders track day events at Autoclub Speedway. See the track day schedule for applicable dates.

The program starts at 9am and runs through 12pm, with a mix of ‘classroom’ style discussions and riding. Specific registration details (when to arrive, where to go, what to bring, what to wear) will be available when you sign up online.

$150/rider if using your own bike (any bike is acceptable) 


All first time track riders are required to take the Rider Development School (“RDS”) in addition to signing up for level 1. First time track riders begin at the novice level to ensure the smoothest acclimation from the street to the track. RDS participants are given an extra session at 8:00 AM (private sighting lap) to allow them to get a feel for the track and familiarize themselves with each turn prior to the initial classroom lecture.

In addition to the private session, there are eight 20-minute riding sessions. Every student is assured some one-on-one time with our instructors as we limit the class size to one instructor for every four students.

Course includes on and off track instruction with our USMCA certified instructors. On track instruction includes lead and follow with the instructors which includes video so that you can watch yourself and see how well you have progressed throughout the day. When off the track, classroom lectures cover track safety, riding skills (throttle control, corner entry and exiting, apexing, etc.) as well as suspension and tire fundamentals. You will learn everything you need to know to be a smoother, predictable and confident rider on and off the track. 


Want to race with WERA? In order to obtain a provisional novice racing license, the New Racer School (“NRS”) is required. The NRS provides information on rules, procedures, flags, starts, track etiquette, etc. The rider receives a Certificate of Completion and is eligible for a Provisional Novice License.  




Fastrack Launches the 2020 Fastrack CUP Training Series

Inspired by the success of the Academy program, Fastrack Riders launches the Fastrack CUP Training Series. A training program with more flexibility in scheduling and payment that allows participants to train and improve their riding by challenging themselves in competition.

“As my team and I at Fastrack pushed back from the table, we laughed. We knew we hit the bullseye by creating something totally different – totally better, The Fastrack CUP Training Series: To help riders reach new heights in their riding abilities and enjoyment. The Cup adds new dimensions when compared to its innovative predecessor, the Academy” said Imad Samhat, Founder and visionary of the FASTRACK Academy & Apex Club.

Participants will enter to win a New BMW Motorcycle for first place, Second wins 5 sets of Pirelli Race Slicks, Third wins 6 months of trackdays at ACS.

The scoring system is fully transparent, objective and 100% based on competition results:

  • 75% of the scoring is based on Chrono competition results
  • 20% of the scoring is based on two of three challenges: M Gymkhana®, EBHP Flat Track, Bicycle
  • 5% of the scoring based on Social Media voting competition

The Chrono competition, on its second year now, is an on-track timed session where the riders are released in chronological order. It measures their overall lapsed time and average speed for the entire length of the session, and riders can be disqualified based on flag rule safety regulations.

M Gymkhana® is a motorcycle sport designed to challenge a rider’s ability to navigate a pre-designed course in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of errors. It is a competition that is all about a rider’s skill and ability rather than about how much or how little horsepower a particular motorcycle can produce. This discipline has proven to be of great value in the Fastrack Academy and is will be of great value in the Fastrack Cup Training Series.

Eric Bostrom High Performance EBHP Flat Track Camp is a Dirt Track school heavily focused on Road Race skills and motorcycle handling technique in a controlled environment in the dirt where riders can make mistakes without big consequences.

The Bicycle challenge will require the riders prepare for and participate in a three lap competition around the ACS 2.36-mile road racing course. Participation requirements:

  • Must be level III (advanced) rider
  • Pay a $200 registration fee
  • Participate in three or more Chrono competitions (best of three count towards scoring)
  • Sign up for a minimum of 3 coaching classes at ACS with the Fastrack Riders top Pros ($500 each signup plus a reduced track day entry fee)
  • Participate in Social Media voting
  • Participate in two of the following three activities for full bonus points (choose only two from three options)
  • Fastrack Bicycle Challenge (no additional fees)
  • M-Gymkhana Challenge (no additional fees)
  • Erick Bostrom High Performance Camp (additional fee applies)

This unique program is designed to promote rider development by way of highest level coaching staff and resources and an exclusive reward system.

Visit www.FastrackRiders.com for additional information and to register.

With support from participating Southern California BMW Dealers (BMW Motorcycles of Riverside, Irv Seaver BMW Motorcyles and New Century BMW Motorcycles), Pirelli Moto Tires and Capit Tire Warmers, Fastrack CUP Training Series will commence March 2020 with continued dedication from Fastrack’s resident Pros: Eric Bostrom, Jake Zemke, Jeremy Toye, Chris Ulrich, Ben Bostrom, Chris Fillmore.

Follow Fastrack Riders on social media and email any questions directly to Info@FastrackRiders.com

ABOUT FASTRACK RIDERS CUP An exclusive rider development program inspired by the Fastrack Academy and led by professional racers. The program offers many prizes including a brand new motorcycle. Every participant who completes will be recognized by the Pro Coaches and receives a Fastrack Riders Certification signed by all the coaches. Some highlights of what the Fastrack CUP includes: on and off track training from the Pros; in-class and on-board videos; social media involvement and voting.

Academy Video: https://www.facebook.com/fastrackriders/videos/10154871595808239/

FASTRACK UNIVERSITY COURSES (Beginner / Intermediate / Advance / Expert)



Devised to advance trackday riders, the Fastrack Riders University (FRU) is a result of shear passion of the sport, and common shared vision of giving back to the community by educating and helping as many riders as possible.

FRU’s core objective is to drastically reduce the potential for unnecessary mistakes at high speeds and eliminate the mistake of forcefully achieving faster lap times by way of the unknown. FRU will accelerate the understanding of ride “feel” and rider confidence, with the goal to reduce costly mistakes made from blindly trying to increase speed in the wrong ways.

By understanding the essential building blocks of advanced feedback, predictive awareness, base consistency, grip and handling optimization, FRU will put riders on the Fastrack towards their goals. Whether out to win races, advance to the next level, or simply ride with a wider margin for error, FRU is the optimum ticket to performance Superbike riding.

The Fastrack Riders University will be led by Eric Bostrom, in collaboration with Jake Zemke, Chris Ulrich, Jeremy Toye and Chris Fillmore. The Program will be offered only to intermediate and advanced riders and will take place during 1 day of every Fastrack Weekend Event in 2017. Riders can attend as many or as few as desired. Participants will ride in their own private group (limited to 16 FRU students) during the scheduled trackday event. Coaches will incorporate the same technologically advanced tools used in the Fastrack Riders Academy, such as: Videos, In-helmet communications, and telemetry data for lean angle, corner speed, braking and acceleration, speed gates, splits, laptimes, race lines.

Riders will receive an assessment by the end of the course, and Certifications will be available upon request with advance notices. There are 4 levels of Certifications:

  • Amateur
  • Probationary Expert
  • Expert
  • Semi-Pro

Riders will undergo testing to obtain the desired Racer Level Certification. These certifications will be accredited at participating race organizations where the rider can race at the FRU Certified equivalent level.


All first time track riders are required to take the Rider Development School in addition to signing up for level 1. First time track riders begin at the novice level to assure the smoothest transition from the street to the track. Rider Development School participants are given an extra session at 8:00 AM to allow them to get a feel for the track, familiarizing themselves with each turn, and to give them a reference when they’re in the classroom.

In addition to the morning familiarization lap, there are eight 20-minute riding sessions. Every student is assured some one-on-one time because, at most events, we limit course size to one instructor for every four riders.

Course work covers track safety, riding and suspension and tire fundamentals. You will learn everything you need to know to be a smoother, more confident rider on and off the track.


Seeking that one on one attention with one of our Professional coaches? This is the training for you! 100% individualized coaching based on YOUR needs and wants. Our line up of professional coaches include: Jake Zemke, Chris Ulrich, Jeremy Toye and Eric Bostrom. Full day ($1,195) and half day ($695) training is available at all Fastrack events. Training includes on and off track instruction tailored to your riding level, skill set and ultimately your goals.


Eric Bostrom High Performance Flat Track Camp is a Dirt Track school heavily focused on Road Race skills and motorcycle handling technic in a controlled environment.
A great way to accelerate your skills is to practice them in the dirt where you can make mistakes without big consequences. Several customers and staff have attended Bostrom’s roadracing oriented flattrack camp and reported immediate improvement in their riding skill. Many of Bostrom’s drills are designed with Auto Club Speedway in mind. Contact info@fastrackriders.com now if you want to sign up for a day of great fun that will boost your skills.
Click HERE for more info.




M-GYMKHANA courses and competitions are available at EVERY SATURDAY during Fastrack Riders events at Auto Club Speedway.


This is a unique and exciting program that allows riders to experience life lasting memories by riding at MotoGP and World Superbike tracks and enjoy their European vacation. In 2016, the event took place at Portimao (Portugal), Jerez (Spain) and Mugello (Italy). Current plan for 2017 is Jerez in Valencia in Spain.

Visit THE EUROPE EXPERIENCE for full details and to register. Also visit our facebook page for videos from last year’s Europe Experience so you have a feel for how great it is. Roadracing News

Press Release: Fastrack Europe Experience 2016

Facebook Social Media Videos 2016 Europe Experience


Come join Fastrack Riders Staff for and exclusive Europe Experience specially tailored for Fastrack Riders customers! We’ve all dreamed about riding those amazing European MotoGP race tracks we keep seeing on TV. Well here’s our chance to actually do it! Fastrack Riders engaged with its European connections and made exclusive arrangements so you can make it happen at world famous race tracks such as Portimão (PT), Jerez (SP) or Mugello (IT) for just $1,995 + airfare. Sign up to ride at any one of those tracks or all of them for as little as $1,995 (US Dollars) per event. Each entry will get you:

  • One day on any one of those tracks
  • Fully race prepped race bike of your choice (R1M, R6, GSXR1000, GSXR600, Panigale) *
  • All inclusive fuel
  • All inclusive race tires
  • Tire Warmer & bike stands
  • Two nights at select recommended hotel
  • Transportation to/from hotel/racetrack
  • Trackside support
  • Siting laps lead by instructor

* Sign up now to reserve your bike of preference while space is limited and bikes reservations are on a first come first serve basis. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Plan your 2016 vacation now and sign up for any or all of the following:

  • SAT May 28 – Mugello, Italy – $1,950.00
  • FRI – SAT May 27 & 28 – Mugello, Italy – $3,800.00
  • SUN May 22 – Jerez, Spain – $1,950.00
  • SAT- SUN May 21 & 22 – Jerez, Spain – $3,800.00
  • SUN May 15 – Portimão  $1,950.00
  • SAT- SUN May 14 & 15 – Portimão, Portugal – $3,800.00

– A $1,000.00 Deposit will be required at the track for the R1’s and additional Deposit is required for the Panigale. Anyone interested must be signed up ASAP or by February 26 at the very latest! The sooner the better while airfare prices are still low. Do not book your flights until you receive your track and bike reservations.