Fastrack Launches the 2020 Fastrack CUP Training Series

Inspired by the success of the Academy program, Fastrack Riders launches the Fastrack CUP Training Series. A training program with more flexibility in scheduling and payment that allows participants to train and improve their riding by challenging themselves in competition.

“As my team and I at Fastrack pushed back from the table, we laughed. We knew we hit the bullseye by creating something totally different – totally better, The Fastrack CUP Training Series: To help riders reach new heights in their riding abilities and enjoyment. The Cup adds new dimensions when compared to its innovative predecessor, the Academy” said Imad Samhat, Founder and visionary of the FASTRACK Academy & Apex Club.

Participants will enter to win a New BMW Motorcycle for first place, Second wins 5 sets of Pirelli Race Slicks, Third wins 6 months of trackdays at ACS.

The scoring system is fully transparent, objective and 100% based on competition results:

  • 75% of the scoring is based on Chrono competition results
  • 20% of the scoring is based on two of three challenges: M Gymkhana®, EBHP Flat Track, Bicycle
  • 5% of the scoring based on Social Media voting competition

The Chrono competition, on its second year now, is an on-track timed session where the riders are released in chronological order. It measures their overall lapsed time and average speed for the entire length of the session, and riders can be disqualified based on flag rule safety regulations.

M Gymkhana® is a motorcycle sport designed to challenge a rider’s ability to navigate a pre-designed course in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of errors. It is a competition that is all about a rider’s skill and ability rather than about how much or how little horsepower a particular motorcycle can produce. This discipline has proven to be of great value in the Fastrack Academy and is will be of great value in the Fastrack Cup Training Series.

Eric Bostrom High Performance EBHP Flat Track Camp is a Dirt Track school heavily focused on Road Race skills and motorcycle handling technique in a controlled environment in the dirt where riders can make mistakes without big consequences.

The Bicycle challenge will require the riders prepare for and participate in a three lap competition around the ACS 2.36-mile road racing course.

Participation requirements:

  • Must be level III (advanced) rider
  • Pay a $200 registration fee
  • Participate in three or more Chrono competitions (best three count towards scoring)
  • Sign up for a minimum of 3 coaching classes at ACS with the Fastrack Riders top Pros ($480 each signup plus a reduced track day entry fee)
  • Participate in Social Media voting
  • Participate in two of the following three activities for full bonus points (choose only two from three options)
  • Fastrack Bicycle Challenge (no additional fees)
  • M-Gymkhana Challenge (no additional fees)
  • Erick Bostrom High Performance Camp (additional fee applies)

This unique program is designed to promote rider development by way of highest level coaching staff and resources and an exclusive reward system.

Visit for additional information and to register.

With support from participating Southern California BMW Dealers (BMW Motorcycles of Riverside, Irv Seaver BMW Motorcyles and New Century BMW Motorcycles), Pirelli Moto Tires and Capit Tire Warmers, Fastrack CUP Training Series will commence March 2020 with continued dedication from Fastrack’s resident Pros: Eric Bostrom, Jake Zemke, Jeremy Toye, Chris Ulrich, Ben Bostrom, Chris Fillmore.

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