About Fastrack Riders

We are a family of passionate motorcyclists who enjoy riding, racing and the company of other individuals that share our hobby. Our specialties expand beyond sportbikes as we are advocates of a number of 2-wheel sports such as Flat Track, Gymkhana, road cycling and mountain biking. We take pride in selecting a team based on very high standards and surrounding ourselves with the best talent as well as top Pro Champion road racers such as Eric Bostrom, Jake Zeke, Chris Ulrich, Jeremy Toye and Chris Fillmore. Additionally, we work with exceptional top tier sponsors and partners.

Our training programs such as the Academy, University, Cup Series, and Rider Development School focus on what we exactly stand for and have partnered with top Pro Road Racers who share our vision.

As the saying goes, “poison in the right hands is medicine and medicine in the wrong hands is poison.” Our dedication to provide riders with key information and the mindset they need to make sound and informative decisions while improving their skills to attain levels of achievement they never thought possible.