Motorcycle Trackday

Level I

Level I is for riders with less experience and those wanting to get more comfortable on the track. All riders riding on the race track for the first time are required to sign up for the Rider Development School. This way each rider will make a safe transition from riding on the streets to riding on the track. The Rider Development School rides with Level I. Some riders will ride with Level I several times while they become more accustomed to track riding, while others move up after only one or two Track Days with Level I. The Level I riding group allows passing inside and out on the straights and on the outside only in the turns. The turn begins where there are two braking cones so no passing on the inside after that point. All passes must be clean six foot passes or rider will be reported to pre grid. Any physical contact made with another rider or bike will call for immediate suspension from the event. At Level I, riders will significantly improve their overall skill, become familiar with track safety issues and get used to the pace and feel of riding on the track. Rates for Level I vary by track.

Level II

Level II is for experienced day track riders and intermediate street riders that are ready to pick up the pace and explore riding skills involved with passing and being passed at higher speeds.

The Level II group allows passing inside and out every place on the track including the corners except TURN 12 at ACS (No passing allowed past double green cones in TURN 12) However, the passes must be clean, six-foot passes or the rider will be returned to pre-grid. Any physical contact made with another bike or rider will result in immediate suspension from the event.

Rates for Level II vary by track.

Level III

When you are ready to really open it up, you are ready for Level III. Level III track time is intended to get riders comfortable passing at your bike’s fastest speeds.

A six-foot clearance between bikes is the only passing rule in level III.

Level III is intended for the very experienced track rider or fast street rider that is not intimidated by speed or by riding with other fast bikes.

Rates for Level III vary by track.