Chrono Competition

The Chrono competition is an on-track timed session where the riders are released in chronological order. It measures their overall lapsed time and average speed for the entire length of the session (usually 8-10 laps), and riders can be disqualified based on flag rule safety regulations. The purpose of the Chrono is to reward speed and safety achievement to the best 1st/2nd/3rd Level III rider of the day and to recognize those that are able to ride fast and safe.


Starting 2020 the Chrono will also be used to score and measure rider’s progression in the all new Fastrack Cup Training Series.



  1. Do I have to pay to register?
    Just sign up for the regular track day and you are automatically registered if you are level III.
  2. How do I qualify?
    Participate in at least one session between 11:00AM and 1:00PM with the transponder on your bike so that at least one lap can be logged and you are now qualified.
  3. What would disqualify me?
    • If you are given a meatball flag at anytime of the day.
    • If you are involved in a crash at anytime of the day.
    • If you receive excessive black flags throughout the day.
    • If you arrive late to the CHRONO session pre-grid.
    • Others possibilities at the discretion of track staff and Program Director
    1. What time does the CHRONO start?
      At the 3:00PM hour on the normal schedule of your group.
    2. If I don’t want to participate can I still ride during the CHRONO session?
      You can still lineup in the grid position or you can start from the back or you can start later in the session as you normally would.
    3. Can I still participate for the prize if I show up to pre-grid late?
      As long as you enter the track before the first rider crosses the start line. I.e. as long as you start during on the same lap as the front runner.
    4. How is the winner determined?
      The winners will be declared based on the riders with the best combined average speed for the duration of the entire CHRONO session (without entering the session late and without exiting the session before the checker flag) and is not disqualified as per the rules.
    5. Since there is a grid order does that mean it is a race start?
      Riders will be rolled out in a grid order but the first lap is dedicated to build up heat in the tires and therefore the first lap won’t count towards scoring. Scoring will only start when the rider crosses the start line on the front straight.
    6. Why is there a grid order if it isn’t a race start?
      The grid order is to place the fastest riders up front so that through the session they will may possibly distance themselves further ahead and therefore create less traffic and less passing situations.
    7. What time do I have to get there if I want to participate for the CHRONO prize?
      You should arrive five minutes early to position yourself in your assigned lineup position.
    8. When will I know my grid position?
      When you arrive five minutes early for your CHRONO session you will be notified of your grid position.
    9. What if my tires cool down during the five minutes that it takes to grid everyone up?
      The out lap is intended to help build heat in the tires. It is advised you proceed with caution on the first lap as all other participants should do the same.
    10. I’m VIP do I start CHRONO from the grid lineup or from the VIP lane
      If you want to participate for the CHRONO prize you can start from the grid lineup. If you don’t want to participate for the CHRONO prize you can still start from the VIP lane and be release ahead of the CHRONO group.
    11. When are the winners announced and the prizes awarded?
      At 4:45PM it will be announced on the loud speaker and the winners will collect in front of the riders meeting room.
    12. What if I see a rider does something that I feel should have received a meatball flag but didn’t? Can I protest?
      Protests will only be considered if it was witnessed by an event staff.
    13. What if I blow a turn during the CHRONO?
      It will be permissible as long as you re-enter the track safely and without interrupting other riders and without gaining any advantage. Otherwise, you will receive a meatball flag.
    14. If I get a meatball flag during the CHRONO can I be allowed back in?
      That will be at the discretion of pre-grid staff for review. But if allowed back in you no longer qualify for the prize because of receiving a meatball flag.
    15. How many laps does the CHRONO session go for?
      However many laps it takes to complete the full 20 minute session. Usually 8 to 10 laps.
    16. What if there is a red flag and the session is terminated?
      If at least three laps have been completed winners will be announced. If less than three laps a restart will be considered. If less than three laps and no restart then winners will be announced based on lineup order.
    17. Will I win if I record the fastest laptime?
      The winners will be declared based on the riders with the best combined average speed for the duration of the entire CHRONO session (without entering the session late and without exiting the session before the checker flag) and that has not received at any time of the day any meatball flag, nor received excessive black flags, nor involved in a crash.
    18. A rider passed me on the out lap. Does that mean the rider will be disqualified?
      But aggressive passing on the outlap is discouraged, as it renders no advantages, and risks receiving a meatball flag and disqualification and possible incident from tires not yet up to temperature.
    19. What rules are different when I’m out on the track during the CHRONO?
    20. What’s different during the CHRONO compared to the other sessions?
      Just the pre-grid/lineup start/release procedures.
    21. Is this a race?
      It is recognition to those that are able to prove they rode safely at speed throughout the entire day. I.e. To reward safety at speed achievement.
    22. What are the Prizes?
    1st, 2nd and 3rd place receive trophies or other rewards. Fastrack membership, or $100 credit if already a member, in a random drawing to the remaining participants. Additional prizes may vary.