HOMETOWN: Paso Robles, CA


Consistency has been the hallmark of Zemke׳s racing career. He has finished in the top 3 of the Championship 12
times in the last 14 years. It is that same consistency that has brought him to the podium over 100 times during
his professional career.
Born in San Francisco, Jake׳s family moved to Michigan where his dad raced amateur flat track. Jake would
frequent the local dirt track with his dad, which lead to his interest in bikes. In 1985, at the age of 9 when his
family moved back to California Jake started building a list of accomplishments to his career winning the first of
many Amateur National Championships.
Jake started road racing professionally in 1997. Jake concentrated on the AMA Formula Xtreme and 600
Supersport series starting in 2000 and won his first professional race. In 2002 he finished the season tied atop
the point standings in AMA Formula Xtreme, but eventually had to settle for 2nd after a tiebreaker. Additional to
his schedule, Jake finished in 8th place in AMA Supersport standings.
In 2003 Jake finished 5th in the AMA Supersport final standings and earned 3rd place in AMA Formula Xtreme
final standings and he recorded wins in both classes. 2004 brought a change to Jake׳s schedule when he
competed in the AMA Superbike Championship and AMA Formula Extreme. Jake recorded two wins in Formula
Extreme and finished 2nd in the final standings, won twice in AMA Superbike and finished 3rd in the overall
Jake won a career high five times in 2005 on his way to another 2nd place in the Formula Xtreme final standings.
He also finished the Superbike season in 11th place. 2006 saw Jake return Honda to the top step of the podium
in Superbike after a winless season in 2005. By finishing 3rd in the final Superbike standings, 2007 continued to
illustrate the consistency that had become synonymous with Jake.
2008 was a banner year for Jake. He tied his career high number of wins in Formula Extreme with 5, on his
way to winning the overall championship. He also finished 2nd in the Supersport final standings adding another
win to his already dominating year in Formula Xtreme. In 2009 Jake competed in the AMA Daytona Sportbike
Championship finishing 6th.
A new challenge was brought Jake׳s way in 2010 when he signed to race for Michael Jordan. He would be racing
on a Suzuki with sponsorship from the National Guard. This would be the first time in 10 years that he had ridden
anything other than a Honda. In his first weekend racing for the team, he won twice at the famous Daytona
International Speedway bringing Michael Jordan his first Superbike victory since he started his team seven years
earlier. Jake finished the season in 3rd place in the final standings, also the best championship finish for the
Jordan team.
Early in the 2011 season Jake sat atop the podium by finishing 3rd in the Daytona 200 and won the
prestigious Daytona 200 Rolex Pole award. He then set his sights overseas earning multiple podium
finishes in the British Superbike Series. Jake has never been a competitor to rule out of earning the top
finishing position. 

Career Achievements

Over 100 career podium appearances
1st Place - Daytona 200 Rolex Pole Winner - 2011
3rd Place - Daytona 200 - 2011
3rd Place - AMA Superbike Championship - 2010
6th Place – AMA Daytona Sportbike Championship - 2009
2nd Place - AMA Supersport Championship - 2008
1st Place - AMA Formula Xtreme Champion - 2008
3rd Place - AMA Superbike Championship - 2007
1st Place - Daytona 200 - 2006
7th Place - AMA Superbike Championship - 2006
11th Place - AMA Superbike Championship - 2005
2nd Place - AMA Formula Xtreme Championship - 2005
2nd Place - AMA Formula Xtreme Championship - 2004
3rd Place - AMA Superbike Championship - 2004
3rd Place - AMA Formula Xtreme Championship - 2003
5th Place - AMA Supersport Championship - 2003
2nd Place - AMA Formula Xtreme Championship - 2002 (tied for 1st in points)
8th Place - AMA Supersport Championship - 2002
4th Place - AMA Formula Xtreme Championship - 2001
6th Place - AMA 600 Supersport Championship - 2001
8th Place- AMA 600 Supersport Championship - 2000
2nd Place - AMA Formula Xtreme Championship - 2000
2nd Place - AMA 750 Supersport Championship - 1999
15th Place - AMA 600 Supersport Championship - 1999
9th Place - AMA 750 Supersport Championship - 1998
3rd Place - AMA Supertwins Championshp - 1997