HOMETOWN: San Francisco, CA


"When on the bike I am free, I am living in the moment and that moment is everything I desire. Life cannot be measured in quantity, only in quality. For this reason I am on two wheels nearly every day of the year, and my "life lived" meter runs on full. With a healthy family and free time to ride bikes and share the good times with like minded people, I am rich. My daily grind is off road, road, BMX, single speed, moto, supermoto, road racer, etc. The simple fact is, I could easily narrow it down to one. Amazingly, it wouldn't matter which one. No different than when I was a kid, that one bike got me everywhere. Cycling is my fountain of youth."

Eric's wide range of success on two wheels backs up his self proclaimed love for the sport. Earning 4 national titles in both dirt track racing and road racing throughout the past couple of decades as well as competing at the front of the field in World Superbike and Super-moto racing. As a general rule, "If you want to find a Bostrom, just look for the crowd". Both colorful and charismatic, Eric and his brother Ben always share their time with fans and fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. They have consistently been fan favorites throughout their decorated careers. In 2013 Eric captured the FIM ePowered international championship. When not on the motorcycle as head development rider for Brammo electric motorcycles, Eric can often be found racing his mountain bike competitively, contributing articles for Cycle World magazine, hosting the 'Cafe Racer' television series, or most importantly spending time with his family.