OCT 17 - OCT 18 Auto Club Speedway
  • Rider Development School is MANDATORY for first time track riders
  • Level 1 is for Beginner track riders
  • Level 2 is for Intermediate track riders
  • Level 3 is for Advance and Expert track riders
  • Race Practice Group is for Advance and Expert track riders
  • CUP Training Class is $600; however, if you enroll in the CUP Training Series ($200 per season), each of your Classes will be discounted to $480 ($120 savings per Class) and you participate in the program for a chance to win a new BMW motorcycle. Click HERE for more Info
  • Private Coaching is provided by Eric Bostrom, Jake Zemke, Chris Ulrich, Jeremy Toye, or Chris Fillmore
  • Basic Skills Development program that will be held in conjunction with the existing Fastrack Riders track day events at Autoclub Speedway. The program is aimed at enhancing riders’ basic skills for street riding, while providing a closed-course area to enhance the new riders skills safely or confidently transition from street riding to entry-level track riding. The program will be held in the parking lot of Autoclub Speedway during Fastrack Riders events; and will offer affordable morning or afternoon options with on-bike slow speed drills, classroom lectures and one-on-one coaching.


MAR 21 @ 8:00am
MAR 22 @ 5:00pm
$279.00 – $379.00
Track Day


9300 Cherry Avenue
FontanaCA 92335
United States


FTR Team

OCT 17 - OCT 18 Auto Club Speedway

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